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2018 Monterey Hickory Classic - May 4th - 6th

Posted: Wed Nov 08, 2017
by Steve H
2018 Monterey Hickory Classic
May 4th - May 6th

Monterey Pines GC - Pacific Grove GL - Old Del Monte GC

The NorCal Hickory group invites you to participate in the 5th annual Monterey Hickory Classic to be held Friday May 4th through Sunday May 6th on the historic and picturesque Monterey Peninsula.

In accordance with the Auld Golf Society rules and tournament guidelines, this unique event aspires to promote the authentic hickory golf experience by celebrating past traditions such as the dreaded stymie and other nuances of the Auld style of play. An exciting 3 day match play extravaganza contested over 3 local Monterey courses, contestants will be encouraged to play original antique period appropriate clubs as well as a hickory-era dimpled ball.

Competitors will be seeded by handicap index into flights of 8 players to play 18 holes per day of elimination match play. Winners will move on to play winners and eliminated players will get a second chance in a consolation bracket for each flight. Additional details can be read in the comment section below.

A celebration of golf as it was meant to be played, we are seeking like-minded players. Contact us if you share our vision and would enjoy participating in this event, or pass the word along to a friend. We hope you are able to join us and look forward to sharing this unique experience with our family of friends.

~ NorCal Hickory Group

831) 247-3447

Cost = $190
  • Includes all green fees for 3 days of golf
  • Sleeve of commemorative McIntyre golf balls
  • Gross/Net Skins game on Friday & Saturday
  • Awards
* Skin pot dependent on # of entries. $400 = full field of 32 players.
* Carts if desired to be purchased separately at courses.
* Deadline for entry and monies received is Sunday April 15th, 2018.

Limited field of 32 players.
Players as of Jan 5th:
  1. Kristian Kerr
  2. Devin Harmala
  3. Pat Anderson
  4. Jim von Lossow
  5. Roberta Robbins
  6. Martin Pool
  7. Bob Kotowski
  8. Rudy Kastelic
  9. Steve Malmquist
  10. Dan Vordale
  11. John Quickstad
  12. Jack Hammel
  13. John Sweeney
  14. Erik Beer
  15. Tim Bell
  16. Michael Scott
  17. Tim England
  18. Stacy Brown
  19. Steve Henneuse

Friday – May 4th 11:30 - Monterey Pines Golf Course
Just a few steps from Del Monte, this wonderful hidden gem, is a blast for hickory. The course has recently undergone a multi-million dollar renovation with perhaps some of the best putting surfaces in the region. Maybe a bit easy, at Par 69 and a mere 4900 yards, the course is very flat and forgiving. Everyone has the potential for a career day here, so expect plenty of fireworks and surprise upsets!

NEW: Friday
Included in your entry = gross/net skins + closest to the pin #8 (77 yards).


Saturday – May 5th 11:30 - Pacific Grove Golf Links
While the much touted and picturesque back nine ocean holes steal the attention, the front nine’s strategic features tend to get overlooked. Course designer Chandler Egan might best represent the days of old, in the hallmark green complexes of #3 and #4. The 6th was the opening hole in the 1930’s and remains as stern of a test today as it was nearly a century ago. A par 5 dead into the wind with an uphill then downhill dogleg approach, the precise shot from atop the knoll is as rich in shot value as any marquee hole on the peninsula.

Introduced in the 1960’s by then 80 year old Jack Neville (Pebble Beach), the inward nine might be the easiest 9 holes anywhere under calm conditions. It is nearly a guarantee however, that WIND and more WIND will be the forecast when we reach the back 9 late Saturday afternoon.

NEW: Saturday
Included in your entry = gross/net skins + closest to the pin #10 (100 yards).


National Hickory Golf Day
Sunday, May 6th 2018


Sunday – May 6th 10:30 - Old Del Monte Golf Course
Site of the 2017 US Hickory Open and one of NorCal Hickory’s favored local courses, Del Monte will be host to a grand celebration for National Hickory Golf Day!

The 1897 course, with small greens and protective bunkering, places a premium on strategy and is a perfect fit for an exciting match play conclusion with many opportunities to aggressively risk it all or play safe.

The Del Monte Grille has a wonderful patio for our post round celebrations and toast to our champions


Re: 2018 Monterey Hickory Classic - May 4th - 6th

Posted: Thu Nov 09, 2017
by Steve H

Here's a sample scoreboard and schematic of what we're proposing for our match play flow.


Friday - Day 1
8 players compete in 4 matches. The matches are seeded so that #1 plays #8 in upper half and #2 plays #7 in lower half of bracket. At the end of day, there will be 4 winners and 4 eliminated players.

Saturday - Main Bracket - Semifinal
The 4 winners from Friday are paired together to play 2 matches.

Saturday - Consolation Bracket
The 4 eliminated players from Friday find themselves in a new consolation bracket with a fresh start.

Sunday - Main Bracket - Final
The 2 finalists from the main bracket play their final 18 holes to decide champion & runner-up.
* to be paired with the 2 finalist from another flight

Sunday - Consolation Match Front 9 - Semifinal
The 2 eliminated players from Saturday's main bracket find themselves in the consolation bracket alongside the 2 Saturday consolation bracket winners, to play the front 9.

Sunday - Consolation Match Back 9 - Final
The 2 remaining consolation bracket winners square off for runner-up honors.
The 2 eliminated players play a fun match.
*We'll have 2 runner-ups per flight (2 players w/ one loss = Consolation winner + Main Bracket final).

Sunday - Four Ball Match
The 2 eliminated players from Saturday's consolation bracket find themselves in a fourball match mixed in with eliminated players from another flight.

Four ball:
Two teams of two players compete directly against each other. Each golfer plays their own ball throughout the round, such that four balls are in play. A team's number of strokes for a given hole is that of the lower scoring team member.

TIES ???
Due to constraints and hassles with trying to co-ordinate with the golf courses, in the event of a tie, rather than play extra holes, we will be employing a "card-off" system in which the last hole won determines the winner. If you're 1 down and win the last hole, you're the winner. Final matches on Sunday @ Del Monte we will most likely play on!

In the crazy event in which not a single hole is won for the entire match, you will both be eliminated, stripped of all your clubs, and asked to never be seen again!

Re: 2018 Monterey Hickory Classic - May 4th - 6th

Posted: Thu Nov 16, 2017
by Steve H
notes for rules, etc.

Would like to propose a "root" rule. The NCGA has always instituted this one (free relief from roots) at Del Monte so they wouldn't get sued for health related issues as a result. Makes good sense and something we should employ for our event as well.

The stymie should not be in effect for players outside of the match (other players in group). In those cases, the ball from the other match should continue to play or mark.

Update - New:
Gross/Net skins game + Closest-to-the-pin on both Friday and Saturday included in entry.
#8 Monterey Pines - Friday (77 yards)
#10 Pacific Grove - Saturday (100 yards)
* Pot dependent on # of entries. If full field of 32 = $400. $90 gross/net + $20 kp Sat & Sun.